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Xian Friday 19/9/08

[start rant] Firstly, let me say that I'm sick and bloody tired of CNN. This is the only English language channel that I can find, and if Larry King sticks his petrified melon on the screen again, I'll scream. Sure, I'd like to listen to the damage hurricane Ike caused to downtown Wartsburg again - for the 19th time - but enough is surely enough. Oh for an episode of Neighbours, or even B&B... [end rant] Ok, today was a totally free day, so after brekky I wandered down to the South Gate in the city wall (the old city is entirely surrounded by the wall) and passed through to the parkland that rings the wall all the way around. Surprise, suprise - there were the locals doin' their stuff. Let me see - tap dancing practice; exercises and stretching on various bits of equipment scattered throughout the park (kind of like an outdoors Fitness First); painting; badminton; table tennis; knitting; singing (oh, the singing); and generally just being out and about. I was watching the badminton players, when suddenly one of them waved to me and gestured for me to play. After bringing down Australia's sporting reputation, I moved on to watch several games of table tennis being played (not on the same table), and again I was asked to play. I did a bit better this time, and would have won more games if the old lady's wheelchair wasn't distracting me so much. I sent a txt to Caitlin describing this, and she took perverse pleasure in joking that they stole my camera while I was playing. Imperialist pig.