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My photography has also developed in a new way, possibly noticeable by what I've posted here. Ewen has talked to us about how to engage with people, asking for their permission to photograph them and sharing the image with them. Up till now I've avoided street photography, because it's confronting to ask a stranger if I can take their photo. But it's becoming easier, and it's certainly a buzz when you show them the shot you've just taken of them - the smiles of delight are wonderful, and you really have a connection with them.

One thing the Grasshopper guys do that's really nice is that they ask clients to send them images of the locals that they've taken on the trip. They then print them, and when they're next in that location, they try to find that person and give them the photo! Jason gave an old Chinese guy his photo, taken last year, when we were visiting the hutongs in Beijing. The look of surprise and delight on the old man's face as he recognised himself in the photo was truly priceless.