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Back to the hotel and then we went to the Muslim Quarter for dinner. Magnificent. As Xian is at the eastern end of the Silk Road, there is a definite Muslim influence here, no better seen than in the style of food we had tonight. The food I've experienced in the past week has been stupendous, and because Jason and Ewen have been here so many times and speak passable Chinese, they simply order for all of us and we share the lot. After dinner some of us wandered through the Muslim Quarter streets for some night photography. It was great fun and I took more shots tonight than any other single day so far. And I could have eaten my way from one end to the other - exotic and wonderful food being sold at street stalls everywhere, all surrounded by the usual cruched mixture of people, bikes and cars all trying to share the same space, horns blaring, people shouting and laughing, and all having a great time going about their business. It felt just so safe and natural walking through the bustle - not a worry about personal safety at all. It's just bloody wonderful!