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I've discovered that the concept of right-of-way doesn't seem to exist here - I actually think pedestrian crossings only exist as target zones for drivers to practice their aiming techniques, and are probably more dangerous places than simply lying down in the middle of traffic.

Anyhoo, the Temple of Heaven was definitely worth experiencing. It was a feast of sights and sounds. Not just the incredible temples themselves, but the acres of quiet, grassy woods and especially the humanity flowing through. Again, families everywhere, all just strolling, sitting, playing, singing and dancing. Yep, there were people doing ballroom dancing over there, 3 kids and their dance teacher practicing in front of a crowd over there, and people singing to recorded music or with old guys playing some sort of stringed instrument. It was incredibly fascinating to watch them - singing away at the top of their voices in the way most of us would only confine to inside the shower!