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Beijing is a massive city. It has many incredibly modern - even futuristic - buildings, a modern subway and highway system, and all the other aspects of a large international city. But there are so many BIG buildings - I guess they're apartments - that just go on forever. In other big cities I've been in - NY, Tokyo, Launceston - there's the major CBD area that then levels out, but here the massive buildings just seem to continue for a long, long way - imagine 10, 15, 20 storey buildings stretching out to Parramatta and beyond.

The weather has been pretty good so far - one drizzly morning only. The sky is a constant grey haze - I'm not sure how much is pollution and how much is just atmospheric humidity, which Ewen told me is quite common in Asian cities. It's not physically irritating or disturbing, but photographically it's giving us the shits! A bit of blue sky and some directional sunlight would make for a nice change.